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Two new pictures will be in stock soon both are presently being cleaned. A seascape by John Falconer Slater depicting a rocky shore with breaking waves and a preparatory oil of the painting we recently sold entitled "The Smithy" by Ralph Hedley. The picture differs from the finished article in that the boy holding the horse is much older and the dog at his feet is not present. It would seem to be the final oil sketch for the exhibition painting as Hedley's first composition for the painting was [..]

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RAC Rally

After the busy Autumn Exhibition at the Mansion House; John headed off for the De Lacy Night Stages Rally a support event to the RAC Rally where he had a trouble free.[..]

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Autumn Exhibition

The Invitations for the Autumn Exhibition should be with you this week if for any reason you have not received your invitation by thursday then please contact us.Look forward to seeing you all next weekJohn and Malcolm[..]

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picture conservation, watercolour restoration, victorian watercolours, painting restoration.

The rise in popularity of watercolour painting in Britain coincided with the availability of new commercial painting products. Artists’ colour men, the retailers of art materials during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, were mostly based in London and vied for the attentions of amateur and professional artists alike. The emphasis of the products was on convenience (such as the new watercolour boards which lent themselves to outdoor sketching) and the permanence of pigments, for which inve[..]

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Charles Napier Hemy - Towing Home

Hemy - Charles Napier Hemy (1841 - 1917) Charles Hemy - Charles Napier Hemy (1841 - 1917). Marine, coastal and landscape painter. He used oils and watercolours. Born in Newcastle, England. He attended the Grammar School and took lessons at the Newcastle School of Art and Antwerp. He spent sometime Australia before returning to England to become a priest. He spent sometime in a monastery in Lyon, France. His health then became too precarious for his calling and then he left to become a full time [..]

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Watercolour painting in the 19th century.

Upon entering galleries and auction houses, we are often confronted with a wide variety of watercolour paintings, ranging from large, dramatic landscapes to small delicate sketches. Many of these date from the nineteenth century, an era during which watercolour painting flourished at the hands of some of the nation’s finest artists.The subject matter of these paintings often followed themes of an idyllic countryside or seascape with figures painted in blues, greens and browns, caught unawares at[..]

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Phil George Sells Out

Phil Georges recent exhibition in Manchester was a sell out! All of the pictures exhibited were sold on the first evening so be quick and buy while their affordable. Phil George[..]

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John Atkinson Old Grainger Street, Newcastle

It is always nice to get a little local history in stock. Atkinson depicts old Grainger Street in Newcastle some of you may remember the old tram lines, unfortunately I do![..]

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More New stock arrived

We have just collected a selection of new stock fully restored and re-framed please feel free to browse. Artists include John Henry Mole, Bernard Bendict Hemy, Frank Watson Wood, Frank Rousse, John Davison Liddell, Thomas Miles Richardson, John Atkinson, William Lionel Wyllie, Thomas Bush Hardy and Thomas swift Hutton..[..]

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New website pay by credit card

You can now pay more easily by credit card just follow the payment instructions and it is simple.[..]

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