Baker - William Baker (1863 - 1937)

William Baker (1863 - 1937). Landscape painter in oil and watercolour. Draughtsman; illustrator. Born in South Shields. Worked in his fathers clothing shop before becoming a professional artist at the age of twenty. It wasn???t long before he developed a market and was giving lessons in his studio. Although, he used the Lake District and Scotland for his landscape scenes the bulk of his work portrayed scenes from South Shields, and in particular Cleadon, where he died. He also occasionally published illustrations for local publications such as the 1895 edition of "The Banks of the Tyne: A Christmas Annual" published by the South Shields Daily Gazette. He also taught over 100 pupils including his son George Baker (1901- 1972), whos work is almost identical to that of his father. His grandaughter, Mareth Ruhamah Baker, is also a gifted artist and has exhibited her work.