Cecil Rochfort D'Oyly John

Coming soon 4 new D'Oyly John paintings from a private source[..]

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Phil George Originals

just arrived some Phil Georges get em quick before they go[..]

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Norman Cornish

Just arrived a Norman Cornish at half the price of Northumbria Gallery![..]

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John Falconer Slater. George Horton. Frank Watson Wood. Thomas Swift Hutton.

Just Arrived, 2 John Falconer Slaters, one of an upland river and the other of a girl leading calves into a farmyard. Frank Watson Wood of the high level bridge in Newcastle, a Thomas Swift Hutton of Shot Sands, Tynemouth, a George Horton of a ship aground on the sands at the entrance to the Tyne and a Frank Rousse of Whitby.[..]

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coming soon 2 new Slaters

Arriving shortly 2 new John Falconer Slaters, one a highland stream the other a farmyard with a girl leading livestock and yes chickens![..]

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Just in time for the Open Golf Championship at Muirfield

Just in time for the open golf championship some lovely golfing characters by edwardian illustrater Phil Hobbs, they epitomise the era with real atmosphere and humour. It could even be Berty Wooster![..]

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New Stock just arrived Cyril Hardy, Robert Jobling, John Falconer Slater and George Horton.

Some lovely examples of the best of the Northumbrian School of Art have a look in the all paintings section to see the lastest arrivals.[..]

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New John Falconer Slater. George Horton. Newcastle Painters. Cullercoates School. Equestrian Art.

Arriving soon John Falconer Slater, Seascape, Still Lives by Frieda Scott, Cyril Hardy watercolours of Arabia and George Horton watercolour of the North East Coast.[..]

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New Stock

New stock just arrived - a pair of attractive William Thomas Nicols Boyce nocturn watercolours, a very good Frank Wasley watercolour of a Venitian Gala and 2 Thomas Miles Richardson watercolours.[..]

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Slater Still Life

Arriving soon a still life by John Falconer Slater, still life being one of his most sought after genres.[..]

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