Watercolour, Framed, Signed, Dated (1865), 8"x6"

Mole - John Mole - John Henry Mole (1814 - 1886)

John Mole - John Henry Mole (1814 - 1886). Landscape and figure painter in oil and watercolour. Miniature painter. Born in Alnwick, to a jobbing carpet maker. The business moved to Newcastle where Mole worked as a clerk in a solicitors office of a brother of artist, William Wailes. It was during this time that he joined an art society which comprised John Brown and Thomas Hall Tweedy, who all wanted to develop their talents. He received some miniature painting tuition from Carlisle artist Thomas Heathfield Carrick. He exhibited at Newcastle, the Royal Academy, the Suffolk Street Gallery, the Grosvenor and other London Galleries. He died in London.

The Stile

John Henry Mole