Ventian Capriccio with Santa Maria della Salute. Oil on Canvas, 14"x22", signed with intials

Francis Moltino 1818-1874

Francis Moltino was a London landscape painter who specialised in coastal and marine scenes. He is thought to be of Venetian descent, however was known to be living and working in London by the mid 1840's. He lived at Little Russell Street in Covent Garden and later Pimlico. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1848-1955 with a number of works including "Early Morning - Waiting for the Tide", "View of the Thames", "Battersea Old Mill", and "Morning on Burgh Flats". Towards the end of his career he travelled and painted in Venice. Moltino's works have a continental feel and with his brushwork and pastel coloured palette, his style is often compared with Turner. 

Santa Maria della Sallute

Francis Moltino