1920, Diameter: 20cm, Depth:8cm, Opalescent, Bulb design.

Lalique - Rene Lalique

Rene Lalique - A very famous and collectable French jeweller and glass designer. He began designing jewellery, and had his own jewellery workshop in 1885. He started to experiment with the use of glass in jewellery, and very often used the cire perdu technique. His shop in Paris, was next to Coty. Coty asked him to make perfume bottles. From here he was to go on to design perfume bottles for many other firms including Roget and Gallet, and Worth. Many of his perfume bottles were made for him by Legras. He concentrated on glass design from 1911 and at this time he had his own glassworks. He made his own designs in pressed glass producing a wide range of articles, including vases, bowls, ashtrays, clocks, lighting, paperweights, car mascots (which could be illuminated), animals, birds and figures. He produced glass panels which could be illuminated from behind and were used on board luxury liners. Demi-lead crystal was used because it was more malleable than full lead crystal and would produce a better pressing in a mould. After removal from the mould the glass would be reheated to remove the appearance of the mould lines. The glass produced was predominantly colourless, this showed off the shape and design. He used surface treatments such as acid etching and sand blasting to produce a matt surface. Some of his glass was also opalescent. He died in 1945. Today the company is still family owned, and is run by his granddaughter. They produce art glass, tableware and jewellery for the luxury market

Lalique Bulb Bowl

Rene Lalique