Mouncey - William Mouncey (1852 - 1901)

William Mouncey (1852 - 1901). Born in Kirkcudbright and worked as a housepainter, painting landscapes in his spare time. In 1886 he decided to paint full time, his landscapes being strongly influenced by his brother-in-law, Hornel. Like Hornel, Mouncey saw the decorative aspects of nature, painting with a full impasto, vigorous brush strokes and warm tones. He painted the fields, woods and rivers of Kirkcudbright with a greater emphasis on atmospheric effects than Hornel. He died in Kirkcudbright.He was an influential member of the Kirkcudbright School. He exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy (37), the Glasgow Institute of Fine Art (26), the Aberdeen Aritists Society and the Liverpool Galleries(3).