Howard - Ken Howard (1932 - London)

Ken Howard (1932 - London). Renowned for his paintings of his cluttered studios in London and Cornwall, his sparkling views of Venice and busy Cornish beaches, Ken Howards work is inspired by light. As a young artist Howard first studied at the Hornsey School of Art and, following a period of National Service, he continued his studies at the Royal College of Art in London and in 1973 he was appointed official artist in Ireland by the Imperial War Museum. Ken Howard is one of the most popular artists painting today and his contributions to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy are always amongst the first to sell. He also plays a very active role in supporting his fellow artists, he is President of the New English Art Club, on the Council and various committees of the Royal Academy and a keen supporter of the Artists General Benevolent Fund. Paintings by Ken Howard can be found in many public collections including The National Army Museum, The Imperial War Museum and the Guildhall Art Gallery, London.