Swift - John Swift - John Warkup Swift (1815 - 1869)

John Swift - John Warkup Swift (1815 - 1869). Marine and Landscape painter in oil. Swift was born in Hull and after some years at sea took up as a scenery painter for an amateur dramatic company. He settled in Newcastle where he practiced as an artist till his death. Six years before his death the Daily Chronicle said of Swift "There are few more meritorious artists in the North of England than Mr J W Swift....Mr Swift pre-eminantly a self taught painter. Brought up at Hull amid ships and sailors, the bias of his mind soon manifested itself, his experience as a sailor became of immense advantage to him in his after life, for if his marine pieces are examinded they will be found to be not only admirable in the artistic sense, but to posses the additional merit of being technically correct."

Swift exhibited only in the north east however since his death his work has been included in exhibitions in both Hull and Newcastle. His works can be seen at the Darlington AG, Ferens Gallery Hull, Laing Gallery, and Shipley Gallery.