Vase with Redcurrants, 1905, H: 20cm, Overlaid glass, Crimson and clear, etched pattern.Signed

LeGras and Cie

LeGras and Cie - This was founded in 1864 by August Legras. The company was very successful making a large amount of tableware. They also made decorative glass, using many techniques including marbled glass, enamelled and gilded glass. They made bottles in unusual shapes including people and boats. At the start of the 20th Century, they began to make cameo glass, some with the addition of coloured enameling. They also made perfume bottles designed by Lalique for Coty. The glass was generally marked either Legras or Mount Joye & Cie. It merged with Pantin in 1906 and was generally marked Pantin or De Vez

LeGras Redcurrant Vase