oil on canvas in gilt frame, signed, 16"x24".

Francis Thomas Carter (1853 - 1934). A landscape painter in oil born at Warkworth. Son of the station master. He moved to Newcastle to work as a newsagent before joining his father as lessee of the Pineapple Grill in the city's Nun street. The family later took over the Nags Head which became widely known as ???Carters???. His first introduction to painting came about when he was asked to dispose of a painters outfit. He soon experimented and found he was quite capable and increasingly devoted more time to his new hobby and soon began to sell his works. He first began exhibiting at the Berwick Club and in 1898 he sent his first work to the Royal Academy. He became a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy, Royal Scottish Academy, Royal Hibernian Academy, Royal Cambridge Academy and the Suffolk Street Gallery. It is said that Carter spent six days of the week as an innkeeper and Sundays as a painter. Carter is represented at many galleries including the Laing, Shipley and South Shields

Eighton Banks, Gateshead

Frank T Carter