watercolour, signed with Initials, frames, 51/2"x9"


Thomas Miles Richardson Jnr (1813 - 1890). A son of T.M. Richardson from whom he received his training. He began his career in Newcastle, sending works to London for exhibition in London for exhibition from 1832. He moved to London in 1846, having been elected as an associate of the old Society of Painters in Watercolours in 1843. He was elected a member in 1851. He made extensive tours of Highland scenes and views in the Swiss and Italian Alps were amongst his favourite subjects. He was a skilful draughtsman and had a good eye for composition. He was fond of bright colours and used a quantity of white heightening. His remaining works were sold at Christies, June 16 -18, 1890. During his life he exhibited at Agnew & Sons Gallery (4), Walker Gallery Liverpool (5), Manchester City Art Gallery (3), Royal Society of Watercolour Painters (61) and Arther Tooth & Sons Gallery (4).

A Yorkshire Fishermans Cottage

Thomas Miles Richardson jnr