Moore - Ronald Moore - Ronald Lambert Moore BWS (1927 - 1992)

Ronald Moore - Ronald Lambert Moore BWS (1927 - 1992). Landscape, Portrait and Coastal painter in Watercolour. Born in Gateshead. Son of a commercial artist. After leaving school he was apprentice to an art studio in Manchester. He attended art classes at Manchester and later Kings College, Newcastle Upon Tyne. After 22 years as a commercial artist he became a full time easel painter with his own gallery at Tynemouth. He continued with his gallery until his death in 1992. Establishing a reputation as a popular painter of Northumbrian, Scottish, Lake District and North Yorkshire landscapes and local seascapes. He exhibited at the Federation of Painters in London, Royal Institute of PAinters in Watercolours, the Bondgate Gallery in Alnwick and Ilkley Winter Gardens. A retrospective exhibition of his work was held in 2002 at his old gallery.