Leaver - Noel Henry Leaver (1889 - 1951)

Noel Leaver - Noel Henry Leaver (1889 - 1951). Born in Austwick, Yorkshire in 1889 but is better known as a Burnley artist. He started his training as an architect and became one of the youngest ever pupils of the Royal College of Art when he started his studies at 16. His earlier paintings are softer and looser than his later more accomplished works, but still show his fine understanding of detail and construction. Particularly known for his treatment of skies. Leaver won numerous scholarships and travel bursaries and used them to travel to visit Europe and Northern Africa. His earlier works in which he is still developing his style are usually signed in mixed lower & upper case Noel H LEAVER ARCA. In later life he usually signed in capitals NOEL H LEAVER, dropping the ARCA. Leaver is probably most famous for his Middle Eastern views. These are his North African based works with their distinctive vivid blue skies, arches and mosques. He is known to have widely exhibited throughout the North East, North West and Yorkshire.

Cyril Hardy is believed to be a pseudonym for Noel Harry Leaver and there is much discussion as to identity of the artist Cyril Hardy however, it is well known that an artist who was contracted to paint for a certain gallery would produce work in another name to sell privately.