Dawson - Byron Dawson - Byron Eric Dawson (1896 - 1968)

Byron Dawson - Byron Eric Dawson (1896 - 1968). Landscape, architectural and subject painter in oil, tempera and watercolour. He was a draughtsman, illustrator and art teacher. Although born in Oxford, following the death of his parents, he moved to Newcastle to serve an engineering apprenticeship, where his skill of drawing became noticed. He was encouraged to become an art student the city's Armstrong College, now Newcastle University. It was after completing his studies that he was offered a post at the college as an assistant master in painting. It wasn't until 1927 that he embarked upon a career as a professional artist. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1928 this led to him being offered to paint a large lunette for the Laing Art Gallery. In 1928 he exhibited the first of his 3 works at the Royal Scottish Academy. In 1929 he sent one to the North East Coast exhibition, Palace of Arts. He went on to show another piece at the Royal Academy in 1931. He remained exhibiting at the Northern Counties exhibitions at the Laing Gallery and at the citys private galleries. His last years of his life were spent in poverty, based on a small income from tuition fees from private pupils and the occasional sale of a watercolour. He died in a sanatorium in the Tyne Valley following an operation.